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    Is there a case that has ALL of the following features?

    - Removable belt clip (basically flat when the clip is off)
    - Clear plastic protector for screen
    - Access to the camera AND headphone jack without having to remove the case

    Most of the cases that I have found have many of these features; I can't tell if they have access to the headphone jack. Thanks so much for your help
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    Check out handsprings site, it sounds like you want one of the two cases they are offering.
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    They don't have a Treo 600 case yet, but Marware makes Neoprene and other cases in various styles, including ones with clear plastic as you describe. the Multidapt clip accommodates a variety of clips, and can be removed to leave the case almost completely flat. Keep an eye out for one for the 600, they have ones for treos now:

    I have a Sportsuit for my iPod, it's very well made.

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    I actually wrote to them to see if they were going to make a treo 600 case. They said they were not planning to. The response is below. I was thinking about the IPOD sportsuit with a treo 600. If you have both could you pop your treo 600 into the sportsuit and see how it fits?

    Here is there email.

    Thank you for your interest in our products. We have no plans on making a new case for the Treo 600. However, we do already have a case for the older Treo that will fit the new Treo also. It doesn't look the the iPod Convertible though, it's more of a pouch. If you have any further questions feel free to contact me.


    Imani James
    MarWare, Inc.
    1420 S. 20th Avenue
    Hollywood, FL 33020
    (954) 927-6031

    > I was writing to see if you have decided to make a case for the new
    > treo 600. I am in the process of getting one and would love one of
    > your cases. If you are planning to make one, what is the timeline? I
    > am interested in something like The SportSuit Convertible case. I have
    > been told that the new reo and the ipod are similar in size. These are
    > the things that I am looking for in a new treo 600 case: 2mm neoprene
    > outer construction Plastic screen protector Removable protective lid.
    > Thanks any info you have.

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