Wow, I am liking this new toy more and more.

1. the 5 way button really works. I am getting away more and more from touching the screen.

2. Pressing the center button with the dial pad is really slick. As noted earlier, you get a popup history which makes redialing or calling someone back a smap

3. Favorites are so easy to create with the 5 way that I have no hesitation to create a temporary speed dial favorite for a number I know I will need to call later.

4. I keep hitting the space bar by accident. Habit from 300 as that is where the down button was on the 300. Habits dies slow.

5. Synchronizing a work number with additional digits in Entorouge...
8005551212,,,4,5456 results in the following in the 600


Is this how it worked in the 300? I don't think so. This does not result in the 600 dialing the additional numbers. Looks like you have to use a favorite to get additional numbers to work. It would be nice if the lookup feature of the Edit Favorite button would recognize the additional nuimbers and put them in for you. At least you can see the additional numbers very clearly and jot them down. I think in the 300 the extra numbers got chopped off and you had to edit the contact to see them.

5. HotSynch is much, much, much, faster! At least 10 times faster for me on my Mac. I use Vindigo which used to take a long time to update. It now takes a few seconds. It's so fast, I find myself hotsynching all the time.

6. I don't have a cradle and was planning to buy one in a few days. I noticed, this first day with the 600, that I was working the treo sidways with my left hand most of the time and decided to try and set up a makeshift cradle that held the 600 sidways. I took a hard case eyeglass case and put a lage highlighter pen in it and layed the 600 in the case sideways so that it was leaning against the Pen. The front edge of the case keeps the 600 from sliding out and the 600 is tilted at a perfect angle. Since it is sideways the synch cable is out of the way. Now when I reach for the treo in the case my thumb goes naturally to the 5way button and I can dial and turn on the speakerphone without picking it up. This works so well I may forgot the cradle. If anyone else likes this and figures out a better way to make a home made sidways cradle please pass it on.

That's if for now. Will post more later.