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    bump - this same aol for palm costs 25 $ in the USA - here from the UK its free ! this is a hidden page on it is not visible through the mail webpage so download it for free before it is too late!
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    If someone can try it on thier treo 600 and let me know it if works i would much appriciate it!
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    No way to set up the network conection, it wants to dial.
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    it won't allow to connect using the network, it only connects using modem or a vitrual modem, this sucks, for a secound i almost got my hops high anyone thing they can help by offering the us version ??
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    I tried it on my 270 and it wanted to dial, so I configured it with Cingular's Wireless Internet phone number and while it did dial up, it came back with "Bad Data". Oh well. It looked really nice for a few seconds.


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