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    Since you guys have had your Treo 600 for at least a few days now, would you care to share with us your comments on the screen?

    I'm curious about how is it faring without the lid.

    Also can we use our cables and other accessories for the 300 with the 600?


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    I have used the Treo600 in some pretty unusual and extreme circumstances and have not had a problem with scratching the screen. It has been able to handle everything I have thrown at it. Appears to be very sturdy.

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    I am posting from my Treo 600. Yesterday I took it with me when I went to play paintball. I kept it in my back pocket with my keys, in the case that came in the box - while I was out playing paintball. I wanted to get some pictures of the event. The lighting has to be just right or the pictures look horrible. Anyway the Treo is holding up great without a scratch, it's an amazing device. If you're interested, you can check out the pictures for yourself:
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    Not yet but then again I still have the plastic that came on it until a screen protector comes out soon.
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    Looks like the Treo Form Fit Case would be a good buy if you want a case that also has a clear screen cover.
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    I bought some screen protectors for the M130 at target (they were VERY on sale) like a coupla bucks for 12. I wasted one getting the fit, almost perfect width-wise. Now I have a screen protector, and the card to cut all the next Took me all of 5 minutes.
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    Thanks for sharing your experiences folks and thanks dpuza for sharing the pics! I actually thought they were pretty good considering the type of the camera on the device (I especially liked the dog looking at the Treo

    One more question, you can't change the resolution of the pics right? So do they all take up the same space? And how long does it take to uplaod/e-mail them?
    [Ok, it was more than one question!]

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    Paintball is awesome. Did you get hit? Hurts a lot!

    BTW, you all look like terrorists!

    Don't buy this phone to take pics!!
    "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer."
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    Paintball is fun but I don't have much time these days but golf is fun. AirGun Designs 68 Minimag, gas through stock, Armson Rifled barrel, scope, fun, fun, fun.
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    You can choose between "Large" and "Small". I have mine set to "Large". I just uploaded a picture and it took exactly 35 seconds. One neat thing I figured out is you can select multiple pictures from the list just like in Windows and send them all at once, and organize them in categories, etc. Yeah, we had a great time at Apocalypse Paintball in Poynette Wisconsin and I've got my share of welts. :-)
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    Also, I should tell you that in the upper left corner of the picture capture app it tells you how much space/how many pictures remaining. For instance after all the pictures I have taken I have 416 pictures remaining.

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