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    I was curious as to the side-by-side difference in the screen brightness.

    See the attached photo. It's pretty amazing.
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    Wow, it is bright. Now that I see it, I am a bit worried about the screen size. I have trouble seeing the tiny screen on the 270 sometimes, this thing is truely tiny.
    Jake Pratt
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    Thanks, I was just thinking of posting a request for someone to do just what you did.
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    The 300 actually looks clearer and cleaner than the 600!
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    That's because the brightness of the 600 forces it to wash out in the camera. If the camera were calibrated on the 600 it would look better.
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    Ok, here's a question or two.....

    Since laptops, over time, tend to lose their brightness in the screen, is it possible the 600 will do this as well? If so, is it possible that the 300 screens we have been comparing the 600 to have dimmed over time allowing the 600 to seem that much brighter?

    I have no doublt that the 600 is brighter, but THAT MUCH BRIGHTER???

    Anybody have a brand-new Treo 300 to compare to an old one to see if brightness does indeed diminish?

    Just curious.

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    Good question!

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