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    I couldn't get BigClock to work on my T600, so I installed Megaclock. When I set the alarm in Megaclock, the sound doesn't go off when the Keyguard is set. Anyone find a solution for this?


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    Haven't found a solution, but I got this from the developer.
    You first who report us about this trouble.
    This is because on given moment we don't be able to correct this problem since we haven't nor this devices nor documentation to him. Treo 600 Simulator (as a substitute of real device) which running under Windows NT is not available for us. It's for US only.

    Hereinafter, as soon as necessary information will be available for us, we try to correct this problem.

    Please let me know if any further questions occur.

    Best regards,
    Alexey N. Yukin

    Seems like a product worth buying once it can overcome the keyguard issue.

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