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    I currently have a Treo 300 (Sprint) but am considering switching to T-Mobile or Cingular so I could have a Treo 600 GSM world phone I could use in the US and in Asia/Europe.

    I believe that if I buy the phone from T-Mobile or Cingular it will be locked to their network especially if I get a discounted phone.

    How can I get an UNLOCKED Treo 600 GSM phone? Will buying it from Handspring be possible if I don't sign up for a particular calling plan?

    Lastly, I believe only the Treo 600 CDMA (Sprint) version is out. When can we expect the GSM version? I read about a delay but no news since then.



    P.S. -- Any good review for Sprint vs. Cingular vs. T-Mobile? I've had Sprint PCS since Nov 1997 (6 yrs now). I searched the site but no particular thread stood out. I'll try again.
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    Yes, if you buy the upgrade GSM phone from Handspring, $399, you get an unlocked phone that should work on any of the GSM networks. Estimated availability is late October. The upgrade phones don't have a plan attached.

    If you buy a phone associated with a carrier, there is generally a plan for at least a year which means locked to the network.

    There is a huge amount of information and opinion on this site about Sprint vs. T-Mobile. Basically, US coverage of Sprint is better on average, T-Mobile cheaper and GSM, so roam to Europe possible. Having used both, I fail to see how anyone could like either company.

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