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    Has anyone experienced the "infrared" on the 600? Is Omniremote campatible? and if so, at what maximum distance?
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    I downloaded Omniremote, but when I start it up, a message appears that says Omniremote is not compatible with the device's ir port. I've noticed that Omniremote has updates to new products quite often, so hopefully this holds true for the 600 as well.
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    Have you guys tried Noviiremote?
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    i couldn't get noviromote working. It caused a system reset so i deleted it right away.
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    The software I tried out as mentioned above was indeed NoviRX
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    ...was indeed OmniRemote. Anyone else actually get it working?
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    Hey NoviiRemote has a new version (2.5) that supports Treo 600.
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    I've heard the IR transmitter on the 600 is too weak to be used from more than a foot or so away. This has also been my experience with printers. I have to hold the device pretty close for it to print the contact or whatever.
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    The manual says that it has a 10ft capability (or did I read that somewhere else).
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    Most Palm OS devices have a lo-output IR. The range you will get is between 8-10 feet. It is also very narrow, meaning that you have to aim it really well. (Kinda like a shooting range...)

    One thing that I wish ALL Palm device maker would do is use an IR simular to what Sony places in most of their Palm devices. Most Sony devices have a 15-20 foot range. It was really cool to beam things or play IR games across a room.
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