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    is there anywhere that this info is tracked on the t6?
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    You can do this by adding 3rd party apps such as CellplanTracker for minutes used or Comet which will extract the call log to your pc and KBTracker to track data.

    Cellplan tracker:


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    I use Natara Comet. What I do not like is the inability to remove entries from it and I did experience come minor sync problems at first with a problem of reading the phone log. No problems with it after that was taken care of. It is used daily to verify information I maintain in a Handbase file.

    Originally posted by BD1
    is there anywhere that this info is tracked on the t6?
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    I wrote a program which can be run on the PC (or Mac, or unix) to parse the HotSync'd call log and dump it in a useful format (currently it knows how to output a .CVS file for Excel or how to output a human-readable format).

    This is not a GUI or anything like that: it is a portable C program, written as a quick hack by a programmer for use by him or other C programmers. The output is defined by format strings (i.e., to get Excel use "%d,%l,%t,%r,\"'%n%!'No Caller ID'n\",\"%a\"", although there is a -x switch to save typing). You have to find the call log wherever HotSync put it; the program doesn't look for it.

    If that doesn't scare you off I'll be willing to give it to anyone who wants to import the call log into Excel. I want to wait a few days until my Treo-600 arrives since my Treo-300 has died and I don't have any way to test (I'm back to my Kyocera QCP-6035 for the moment).

    An ambitious Visual BASIC programmer could probably translate the C into BASIC and come up with something friendly for non-programmers.

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