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    With my 300, the phone rings and I look at the screen, decide to let it go to VM (usually hit the volume control on the side to silence the ringer) or answer by flipping open the lid.

    How does this work on the 600? What happens when the phone rings? What are the options and how do you answer the call - do you have to hit certain key? Is it cumbersome or natural? I found flipping open the 300 a very natural way to answer the phone - I have had several flip phones so I'm used to that.

    Thanks very much.
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    It's easy, there are two "buttons" - Answer and Ignore, with Answer being the default. Just hit the center button in the D-pad to answer, or move one button right and then hit center to Ignore and send to VM.

    You can also press the volume control to silence the ringer, without doing anything else, and after a few rings it will go to VM on its own.

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