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    I'm not getting the battery life that I'd hoped for. Does anyone have any tips on how to save battery life? I've turned beaming off, and set the brightness level down as low as it will go. Is there anything else I can do? Can the dim display setting (Option + P) be set as the default?

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    Only a couple of things I would do:

    1. Drain the battery at least once. Technically, you are not supposed to fully drain a lithium battery but I noticed on my other gadgets that fully draining and recharging at least once helps with battery life. I don't make it a habit to fully drain my batteries though. However, my Panasonic R1 laptop manual suggests periodically draining and recharging the lithium battery to calibrate the power meter...

    2. Always keep the Treo plugged in to a charger when it is convenient. Lithium batteries are less stressed when recharging from 80% than say 30%.

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