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    I love the T600!

    I would like to download and read the latest bestsellers on my T600. Does anyone have any such experience on the T600? I have some basic questions:

    1) what is the best reader software? free? pay license fee?

    2) where is the best site to get ebooks? free? pay?

    3) are there any sites were u can download palm format books directly to the T600?

    Thx. the info will help me and other readers of this gr8 site.
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    Palmread is a free E-book reader, there is a pro version for $15. You can get either at which is also an answer to your second question. I also buy many of my books at
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    blackmask is the best place for free public domian stuff. it works best with the free mobipocket reader. palmdigitalnedia is the place I look for best sellers. Use their free reader. baen gives away some of their older books for free on their site.
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    I picked up the PalmReader Pro version and its so much better then the free version that its actually worth the extra $15.00.

    Of all the readers I've tried I find the PalmReader and PalmReader Pro to be the best and to have the best selection of real books. I also much prefer their copy protection scheme to most of the others out there. All you need to do is use your CC number to unlock the books. That means you can actually share your books, but only with people you trust with your CC number.

    I've tried some of the other readers out there but for the most part they either don't have the features of PalmReader or their selection of books is poor.

    PalmReader also has clients for Mac, PC, PPC/WM2003, and Palm. That means if you change devices or choose to read on your computer you can do so.
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    Are there any .lit readers that can be used on the Treo 600?

    Thanks, <><

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