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    Could someone be kind enough to see if you can access BOFA's online banking with their T600. It would be greatly appeciated!

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    I'll try right now!
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    its gonna require a secure browser to access
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    Took a while to load pages/log-in, but worked OK for me.
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    It took a while to get through the login ... but I was able to get to my balances. I can't load the actual transactions however, says that site is too big to load.

    But at least you can check your balances.
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    Thanks for checking
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    Originally posted by tcarroz
    Thanks for checking
    Thanks for CHECKING?

    Is that a play on words??
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    When I tryed to log out I got an error

    "Page to big to display"
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    It works and is much more usable when image downloading is disable. No errors and decent speed.

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