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    Anyone with launcherX ??? click the info button and search for Words to Go and Sheets to go... Guess what There they are? But wait whats this.. They are marked as hidden? And can not be unhidden? Maybe FileZ can do something about that..

    "Hope this was not already discovered..."
    treo 90 > treo 300 > treo 600 > treo 650 > motorola Q > instinct > treo pro > Whats next???? PRE?
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    I see they are not full, they are just for viewing attachments. but why? t600 didnt come with email support? Does it seem to you that this version of the software(rom) was rushed right out the door.?
    treo 90 > treo 300 > treo 600 > treo 650 > motorola Q > instinct > treo pro > Whats next???? PRE?
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    On the e-mail, Sprint was supposed to have a new e-mail client by Seven on the phone. It must have been delayed. Hopefully Sprint will release this for free soon.

    I like the e-mail client in the emulator and was hoping that it would be in the Sprint 600, but it is not.
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    We only got DTG viewers. I purchased the full Premium version so I can create and edit word/excel files. Rather annoying since my old TT came with a full version as part of the deal.
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    I know this is highly subjective, but I really prefer QuickOffice to Docs-To-Go.

    While there are some things the DTG does better than QuickOffice, I find that QuickOffice does more things better.

    Without getting too technical, the way QuickOffice handles native Office docs is a much better method, and one of my main reasons for preferring it.

    I only mention this because I imagine there are a lot of Treo 600 users who haven't fully registered DTG yet, but plan to in the future. For those users, I highly recommend you try the alternative.

    This advice goes for all software, too. That is the beauty of Palm, versus, say M$. The vast majority of software offers you a try-before-you-buy trial. Take advantage of it!
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    If I already have Documents to Go 4.01x on my Treo 300, will it carry over to my 600 when it arrives (next week, hopefully!)

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    Originally posted by ardint
    I know this is highly subjective, but I really prefer QuickOffice to Docs-To-Go.
    I am looking for an office solution... I read that Documents to Go saves in native format as well... is this true? Can QuickOffice do that?

    - Leo
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    The big announcement from Dataviz was the native support in DTG. Not sure about the otherone I have only used DTG.
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    I am pretty sure they can both open native files, but I think that only Docs to Go can save in native format... (not 100% sure).

    - Leo
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    I went through a long list of email apps and document viewers/editors before landing on QuickOffice and Snapper Mail as the best combo for my particular needs. The native format is great when combined w/ the email. I can get a word doc in an email, edit it, and send it back, all from the Treo. If needed, I can pop it onto the SD card for sharing with others wherever I am. Hard to beat IMHO.
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    So QuickOffice can save in native file format? You can download a .doc, edit it, and then save it. And with that file you can open it in MS Word?

    The reason why I ask is because of a brighthand article that states
    Documents To Go is the first Palm OS application to allow native Office files to be opened, edited, and saved. Quickoffice Premier, a rival Palm OS office suite, allows users to open and edit native Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, but these can't be saved in their native formats.
    Makes me think it can not be done

    - Leo
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    Are the Documents to go viewer version optimized for the 5 way navigator?

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