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    Is anyone having this problem also...

    I will bring up a "Treo enhanced" list in Blazer.. like the content manager where I just bought about 20 ringtones....

    I see the first 9 or 10 and then there is a link for "Next 9" or whatever.

    I click it and the same page reloads... I can not get to the rest of the list!

    This seems to happen with "Blazer enhanced" lists....

    Is anyone else having this issue, and is there a way around it? I knwo it happens in the "main" menu on many of the lsits.

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    I guess I am the only one having this issue!
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    i dont quite understand what you're trying to say, but from what i understand, you're having problems with seeing the rest of the items on a list when you click "next 9" maybe a corrupt cookie? try clearing the cache and cookies and such then try...
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