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    I read all the posts in this thread from July -

    I have the exact same problem except I can pinpoint a start - On my second 270 - This one was working great - great reception, etc. UNTIL I dropped it once, from standing, onto a concrete floor - then my reception problems mirror exactly what these people were reporting. The max bars I get are two and it can be sitting in the same spot and go down to 1 and none for a while and then back to two etc. Calls just break up in the middle of the conversation.

    I had tried the radio fix, etc to no avail - I found information on a weak signal and a broken sim door in another thread and decided to see if the issue was the SIM card and VIOLA' - that was it!!! - My sim card door wasn't broken but I found that if I held my SIM card against the contacts I had good reception - so I increased the bend in the metal piece that pushes against the SIM card (underneath the slot where you slide it in) - and that fixed my problem. The signal is no longer flunctuating in and out to where it looses signal, but steady at 2-3 bars again.
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