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    Has anyone tried OWA using Treo 600?

    Can you access your e-mail folders and subfolders?

    Can you do maintenance such as filing in box e-mail to folders?

    Can you retrieve e-mail from folders and subfolders?

    Hoping for positive answers as I have been waiting so long for a PDA that can do this.

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    I was told by someone w/ the sprint Treo600 that OWA does not work...

    This is a crying shame, but it is microsoft's fault, not handspring's.
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    Here are two suggestions related to OWA and PDS's. I did a bunch of reasearch into this for the company I formerly worked for.

    General OWA info and unilities:

    This link, I think, may be even more useful to you. Utility to provide very PDA oriented OWA.:

    Hope this might help. Let me know if it works out.
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    Originally posted by esperantisto
    I was told by someone w/ the sprint Treo600 that OWA does not work...

    This is a crying shame, but it is microsoft's fault, not handspring's.
    It doesn't work or load correctly at all.

    Mine sort of worked but not great on my 300!
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    Get OWA-PDA installed on your exchange server. Lee Derbyshire OWA-PDA Worked great with Blazer 2.4, works even better with the Treo 600 Blazer 3.0.
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    Originally posted by MikeRadio

    It doesn't work or load correctly at all.

    Mine sort of worked but not great on my 300!
    I'm confused...when you say it doesn't work are you saying that the STANDARD Outlook Web Access doesn't work on the Treo 600, or that the MS PDA version of OWA (from Microsoft's Mobile Information Server?) doesn't work?

    My company is a MS solutions partner, and we will be installing Exchange 2003. I'm not sure if the Microsoft's Mobile Information Server is part of the standard licensing for Echange 2003.

    I saw this link ( which appreared to be a product that you install on the server INSTEAD of Microsoft's Mobile Information Server...can anyone shed some light on this for me?
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    I tried accessing my OWA last night and it does work for me, contrary to the T300/Blazer 2 solution that had a javascript failure before.

    The problem is that the various frames are not rendered well or size-optimized for the T600 screen. In a dire emergency it would work, but it's not very fun.

    I suggest using Business Connect from Sprint/Seven or one of the other solutions mentioned in these forums...

    Another alternative if you're traveling is to connect the laptop to the Treo as a wireless modem and use VPN or OWA to access email that way.

    Business Connect is great-- I'm looking daily for updates on when it will be ready for the T600.

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    The OWA being referred to above is for general web browser access. I suspect the mobile version might work fine as is. No one has posted a report of having tried it. You may not need the Leederbyshire software at all.
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    I don't have a 600 yet, but we have Exchange Server 2003 running here and Outlook Mobile Access works fine. It's super stripped down, no graphics whatsoever in it. I'd rather be hung by my toenails than to even attempt to render OWA on a handheld's browser. For my PPC bretheren, Ex2k3 also offered the ActiveSync from mobile information server 2000.
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    So are you using VPN to get to the OWA page or are you using a VPN token/password of some kind to get to your mobile OWA page?
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    The big problem with MS web servers (And to a great extent the most of their OS products) is that they do not adhere to standards as posted in an RFC, or add sooo much stuff in addition to the standards, that a non-MS product will not be able to access a Webpage created with a MS product. This is how MS got everyone to switch from Netscape to IE because anything created with MS Frontpage and displayed on a MS IIS server would not display properly on Netscape, but "amazingly" would work on IE. IE was not a better product, MS just used its dominance in the Office space to make people think IE was better because it worked on these pages. Everyone elses servers adhered to standards so IE would work on any webpage, where any other product would only work on Non-MS corrupted pages, or those pages that adhered to standards. This is just one many examples of why they were nailed for being a monopoly. I would like to see how much cash MS kicked into the Bush campagne to get the Justice Dept. to back off when they rightfully had MS by the balls.
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    I just tried our OWA server from my t600 and while I can log in without a problem, OWA is actually too clever for its own good, and refuses to display the page any differently in "wide" mode. It appears to be getting the dimensions from the device itself, and tries to cram 4 frames into the 160x160 space regardles of whether its set to Optimized or Wide. The buttons on the left are totally useable. Nothing else is, because it's too small.
    If I scroll the little *tiny* message list frame around, and click on some link that I can only see 4 or 5 characters of, then yes, it will open and display a message.

    Composing a message almost works, but then it complains that the message body is too long (> 100K) which of course is total BS.

    So no. It doesn't appear to work.

    Let's put it this way. Using WinHand to connect to a Home PC, and then using OWA from there, will be much faster and more rewarding overall.

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    I can connect to our Outlook Web Access. However, because of the way frames are rendered on the T600 it is very hard to use it. Trying the same thing on the SX-56 using ie from WME 2003 works better because you can drag the frame boundaries to allow you to see the email containing frame. Otherwise you get the frame with Outlook Icons and the frame with folders and can barely see a small part of the frame with email. Blazer needs to change the way it handles frames to either stack them or allow you to select a frame for rendering.

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