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    can someone tell me where to find the best financial calc for real estate loans? doesn't have to be elaborate.
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    I use Abacus. It's just like an HP-12C. Don't know if it will work on the 600, though.
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    I use three different ones... Loan Calc, Loan Table, or Tri-loan depending on what I'm doing.

    P.S.: I am a Realtor...
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    You may know there is a financial calculator built into the treo. The built in calculator can be changed from basic to the fancy calculator that includes financial, scientific, logic, statistics and converts area , weight and temp.

    The only problem in all the years I've had a visor is that I have never found a manual to figure out exactly how to use it. Anyone know where the manual is for the built in calculator?
    GO MARLINS!!!!

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