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    Ever since I bought the 270 I've had problems with the radio portion of the device locking up or acting strange after doing some browsing using GPRS and Blazer. What I mean by strange is that I can make a call while driving but the signal quality degrades as I drive until the call drops or is so bad I have to hang up and redial. I'm assuming this happens as I move from one cell area to the next. The signal is pretty low when this happens. The problem is that it isn't handing off to the next tower. If I drop the call or it drops on its own, the signal returns to full like it is picking up the nearest tower. I can re-establish the call and it sounds good sometimes. Sometimes it just sounds awful like the data isn't synced up properly. Sometimes the radio goes into this funky mode if I go in and out of low signal areas like parking garages.

    It seems to be three different problems because the symptoms are slightly different. The bottom line is once the radio gets into this mode it stays that way. Resetting it doesn't get the radio portion reset. Handspring support has replaced this unit 5 times and I keep trying to tell them it isn't defective hardware since the next unit will do the exact same thing. Then they try to tell me my data is corrupted. Sorry again, the unit does this out of the box and I haven't even loaded any applications. Then they told me to load the radio reset program for GPRS. This "fix" turns on all the battery draining things so it will completely discharge the battery. So now it takes an hour to depleat, 2 hours to recharge and then I need to load my phone book, appointments, etc. Hardly a practical solution for anyone, not to mention if you are traveling.

    I hope the 600 doesn't have this problem. I guess I'll have to wait and see. Recently I got Handspring to admit to this problem and they told me the only solution offered is the drain the battery trick to reset the radio as a hard reset won't clear it. Hasn't anyone heard of re-initializing the radio when it resets?

    I finally came up with a almost fool proof way to reset the radio without wiping out all my data. I say almost because it works 1 out of 3 times. So you might need to do this 3 times to get it working. I regularly need to do this, sometimes 2-3 times a day, at least twice a week on a good week. Only once did the thing totally flake out and the memory got corrupted. I had to do a hard reset and lost all my data.

    Alternative to the battery draining radio reset:
    First turn it on and while on remove the SIM. Wait for the phone to recognise it was removed before hitting the reset button. Wait about 2-3 seconds into the reset cycle (Palm logo on display) before re-inserting the SIM. Wait for it to come up and then push the power button to turn on the radio.

    I'm just totally disgusted with the level of support I've gotten on this device. I think Handspring has abandoned researching and fixing this problem since all they ever offer me is a replacement unit. The story I heard was the engineers can't reproduce the problem. I find that hard to believe because I can do it in 10 minutes and they could have used the 4 units I returned for testing. I even offered to capture whatever information they need to nail this down. No interest was given. I can't believe the level of disconnect between the support and engineers. And to just keep sending out replacements for a firmware issue is simply a waste of money and time.

    I also can't believe I'm the only one having this problem. It is so consistant. Anybody out there having similar issues? What options does one have? I suppose wait for the 600 and hope it's more reliable.

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    I've had similar problems, but not specifically cell tower-related or signal as far as I know. My radio would freeze up or and/or drop GPRS and bunch of other irritating things. This was followed by the "flip guy" disappearing permanently, never to return even with a hard reset. Then doing a radio resets kill the battery (the gprs version). Unit totally dead: no red-light when charging.

    I'm now waiting for 270 #4! And because my original unit was purchased last August my warranty has expired. Handspring refused to authorize the replacement, but TMO, after I would not accept anything but another replacement, final agreed to the replacement unit after I convinced them that replacement #3 was within the 90-day warranty and that the original warranty was not relevant. This was not easy to do and I nearly gave up, and was almost resigned to stuff the SIM into my TMO free Samsung phone until the 600 was released.

    I'll stoke-up my 4th 270, and then sell it the second the GSM 600 is released. The only good news is that I backed-up the most current configurations a few days before the last death rattle.

    Iíve read some posts that some 180 users are on replacement #7. Pathetic.

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