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    I just got a new P4 2.8 ghz computer running WinXP Pro.

    I have been unable to sync my Treo 180g on the new computer due to spontaneous rebooting of the computer during each synchronization.

    I varied every system variable from other USB devices to every bit of software on the system, but the reboot continued UNTIL I turned off hyperthreading in the BIOS.

    It only took me about 8-10 hours to figure this out

    This topic is covered on the Handspring site related to crashing Windows during connection of the Treo to the computer, but nowhere else that I am aware of. Believe me I looked! However, the hyperthreading issue is not mentioned there at all.

    I have found dual processor and hyperthreading sync-related crashing mentioned in just a few online discussions by doing a Google search.

    I also noticed that crashing XP occurs during the sync process of other Treo models as discussed on these boards.

    FYI !
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    A long time ago I experienced the same thing... however it was with a Sony Clie and my dual processor desktop. By the sound of it, the problem has not been solved -- what a bummer.

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    very interesting.... I too sync my 180 to a new computer I'm using at work that is 2.8ghz winXP pro with hyperthreading enabled. mine doesn't spontaniously reboot, but about 30% of the time it will bluescreen while syncing (stating some kind of IRQ not less or equal error or something). I'll see if turning off hyperthreading makes any difference... although I don't think we're having the same problem.

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