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    Anyone having problems with the ISilo E-book reader on their 600? I read almost an entire 400 page novel on it, but recently I tried to go to it, and i get a white screen, and it goes back to the applications menu when i try to open isilo. however, if i delete it and put it back on, it works fine again. any ideas?
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    Which version of iSilo are you using? I've been reading a novel with iSilo 4.0 beta 5 on my Treo 600 with no issues other than the autoscroll not working.

    Just downgraded to version 3.35 to see if autoscroll worked there but no luck.

    We should email the author to get 5-way support.
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    I was using 3.35. I was thinking maybe some settings got corrupted or something because twice I saw that SnapperMail checked my mail while I was reading.

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