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    Is is possible that Handspring, being a small American company with no European manufacturing operations, is subject to tarriffs companies like Motorola or Nokia are exempt from given they actually manufacture in the EU?

    Is is possible your own governments are the reason Handspring cannot sell competitively in your countries?

    I'm not making accusations, simply raising an issue.
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    echaban, great quesiton but a proper subject would bolster your thread's effectivness. Something like "Tarrifs and the Importation to Europe" would have been much better imho.
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    I'll let the chips fall where they may. I have no doubt that that given the outrage over pricing they'll be motivated to read.
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    by outrage - do you mean the fact that treos seem much cheaper over here - and that on a one year rather than two year committment.

    Ahh.. competition is a wonderful thing. Not sure how many years we've had number portability now...
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    What most people are complaining about are the prices of the Treo 600 in europe. What they forget is that the device has yet to be taken up by their local networks. When this happens prices will be driven far lower than the price on the Treo website. Take a look at SonyEricsson's site's for example. Their webshop charges far, far, more than local retail prices in most EU countries. Nokia direct also charge far more than anyone else.

    In the UK a Treo 600 from Handsping is likely to be near the price on the European websites, a Treo bought from / with Orange can be found for free.

    Unless i'm missing something the only complaint should be the lack of an upgrade discount for 300 owners.

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