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    As an eagerly awaitng new 600 owner I decided to go hunting for a good price on an SD card.

    Well, valid from October 1, 2003 through October 31, 2003 Kingston has a 128mb SD card for $28 after the rebate.

    Here in the card

    and here is the rebate .

    Plus its FREE 2nd day shipping !!!

    Update: While your there, why not add the USB 2.0 6 in 1 card reader? Free shipping too.

    USB 2.0 reader (CF, SM, SD, MMC, MS) $25 - $12 rebate = $12

    Rebate here
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    Price for the 128mg SD is $39.99 with FREE 2 day shipping. Either way this is an excellent price to pay.

    I went ahead and purchased the 256 SD card. Cant wait to get it.

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    Price for the 128mg SD is $39.99 with FREE 2 day shipping.
    ...and then you mail-in the above rebate for $12, bringing your total to approx $28.
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    Great - thanks! I just ordered mine even though I haven't even ordered my 600 yet. I'll be all ready when it gets here.
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    THANKS for the heads up, I just bought one!!! Kick ***!
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    My 600 is on it's way. Does anyone know the largest card (MB)
    the Treo can handle?
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    I believe its 512mb...
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    People, do you guys go to Costco? 256MB $50.
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    do take note that the both the kingston 128mb and 256mb versions have xfer rates of 2-3MB/s. the simpletech 256mb card (70 bucks @ newegg) has a 10MB/s rate. if you have a usb2.0 reader then you'll notice the difference.
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    Just placed my order... cheaper than the crap on ebay!!!
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    Umm WTF. I just got an email from kingston saying that I need to cancel my order because the promo10a doesn't go with the promo10. Something about me paying $50 instead of $28 or some crap and wasting 2 days. Cripes, all I did was fill out THEIR form.
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    I looked at the rebate, and the condition of the rebate is if you actually buy from!

    *Terms and Conditions:
    Offer good on purchase of Kingston 128MB Secure Digital (UPC Code: 740617061888) product only at from October 1, 2003 through October 31, 2003.
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    I got that too. Couldn't figure out what special deal code they were talking about as I didn't use one when I ordered. I continued the purchase and will fill out the rebate when I get it. They may have just sent that out to everyone who ordered within a certain time period.
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    Spoke with a customer rep at Kingston. She mentioned that the rebate is not valid with any other offer, and given that the SD card is on sale (which qualifies as "any other offer") the rebate doesn't. Damn!
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    I wouldn't recommend 128 these days anyway. 256 is cheap. Easy to get for $50-$70.

    The largest that is on the market now is 512, which will run about $160-$170 shipped if you shop around. 256 is the best per-meg bargain at the moment. 1 GB cards should come soon, which will mean that 512 MB cards will get a lot cheaper.

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