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    I like something really small, and perfect if it has a key ring, so I can replace my Sidekick camera attachment with it when I get the Treo 600. I have narrowed it down to 3 choices, which is the best?

    Option A:

    Lexar JumpDrive Trio

    Option B:

    Sandisk Cruzer

    Option C:
    Some generic portable SD USB card reader

    If any one else know of a smaller SD card reader, please let me know. Thx.
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    I LOVE my JumpDrive Trio ($15-$20 in most stores). It reads Sony memory sticks in addition to our SD cards. However, it doesn't have a hole for a keyring. Also, the removable cover for the USB (2.0, btw) connector always seems in danger of being lost. Not that it's necessary to have it anyway.
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    I also got the Lexar Jumpdrive Trio and find it a great tool. It is much faster to move mp3 files with the Lexar than using the Palm desktop. I got mine at CompUSA for 19.99.
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    Do I need to upgrade to USB2 to use the JumpDrive reader? Would that make it significantly faster to transfer mp3 files?
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    It would be faster, but it's not necessary to upgrade. My notebook is only USB 1.1 and when I plug in the JumpDrive it informs me that a highspeed USB device is working in a lowspeed port. No problem. I loaded 160MB of MP3s on a 256MB card last night and it took about 3 minutes from my notebook. I'll try to compare that with my desktop at USB 2.0 speeds later.
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    Hi, I have both the Jump Drive and the Cruzer, and I prefer the Cruzer. the Jump Drive is just of the worst quality. I just feel like the little flip up door is gonna break. And since the type of files you move to the SD card aren't super big (we're not talking gigs here), i don't think the speed (usb 2.0) of the jump drive makes it worth it.
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    If you have a digital camera or any other device that uses a memory card though you might want to look at a universal card reader. In my case, my digital camera uses xD Picture cards for memory, so of course I'm stuck because I've only found one brand that has xD as well as SD in a reader. (It also supports every other memory card as well). Its the Atech Flash Pro-9, and I'm going to actually use it internally
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    I found this keychain USB Drive with SD/MMC Reader/Writer:

    here at:
    Expensive though: $96.99

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