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    Leather International - the same people who made the leather belt clip holster for the 300, are working on a case for the 600.

    I found the case for the 300 to be exactly what I needed, so I emailed the company to ask since my 600 is on the way. I recieved a reply from Al who reported that work is underway and there should be info on their website on October 29th. No other info yet. I am hoping it is like the holster for the 300. I am still waiting for a reply to that question.

    More info as I can get it.
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    I bought a Belkin universal (medium size) and it works perfectly and is clipped onto my belt. $9.99 at Staples.
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    Originally posted by RMansfield
    I bought a Belkin universal (medium size) and it works perfectly and is clipped onto my belt. $9.99 at Staples.
    I bought the same case at WalMart for $7.97. Here is a link to pics. Case is made of leather.
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    The Belkin Universal case certainly looks good and is a great deal. A few problems for me however that are solved as long as the 600 case from Leather Int'l is like the 300 case:

    1. Not easy to carry horizontally - I know it has a swivel but I wouldn't want the opening to be on the side as it would then. The LI case for the 300 was sideways with an opening on top and a cut out at the bottom so you could easily push the Treo up and into your hand quickly.

    2. The swivel is good for holding a vertical phone so it can move with you as you sit down. The LI 300 case had a great fixed metal spring loaded clip that had the lowest profile I have ever seen - so the Treo didn't stick out as much as with other clips.

    3. As far as I can tell, the Belkin doesn't have cut outs for the earbud jack. No good if you need this to talk and use both your hands.

    Again, these are my preferences, and if LI doesn't make this case like the one for the 300, then this post becomes irrelevant.

    I will add that I think LI makes a high quality product and although it will most likely cost more than 9.99, I am willing to pay if it does what I need.

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    If you like plastic holsters, is making a plastic holster similar to the 300's. They said it would be available in November. In the meantime, I bought a Belkin as suggested on this board from Wal-mart. Thanks, it works great, and it has a magnetic closure which is gentle and strong... perfect!
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    I agree.. I bought the Belkin, Medium at Walmart today for $ 7.67 and is perfect. I bought the Handspring form fitted case first.. but after using it, I was nervous about the screen facing outward.

    I broke a Palm VX screen like this bumping into a car's side mirror walking between cars in a parking garage.

    For $ 7.67, the Belkin is very economical. I like using this awesome phone/pda natively from the case and not with a case on as with the Handspring case. I have applied Write Right screen protector. I just wish I knew about this option before bought the Handspring one.

    The Belkin SKU is: F8V6216-MD-E-MK Universal Medium.

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