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    Love my new T600 and will love it even more with the rebates. Is it a mail-in rebate or a service plan credit, or both? Has anyone received a rebate, a credit, or the form?
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    It depends which rebate ...

    The Handspring rebate is taken off the price of the phone. It is for owners of previous Treo models, and to qualify, you have to enter a Treo serial number that has not been used already. The discount takes the price to $399, and that means $399 is all you pay ... so there's no refund or rebate to worry about.

    If you mean Sprint rebates for starting or extending service, I think that they generally try to do those as service credits. You can, however, have Sprint cut you a check for a positive account balance (which is what I'm going to have to do for the $599 Treo I bought from them, which I'm returning now after buying the Handspring version ...)

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