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    my biggest complaint with the 300 was the screen viewability in day light (outside). for me, it was by far the biggest 300 problem.

    i'm very pleased with the 600 screen in day light. it is superior imo to the palm tungsten w i had and any of the ipaq/ hp products i've tested.

    it truely is the best day light screen that i've had a chance to test or use in a handheld.
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    I agree. In direct sunlight, it's not perfect, but unless the sun is shining directly on the screen, there is no problem at all making out the screen. Thumbs up!
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    I need a better screen protector to cut off the glare and bright sunlight. I have yet to find any PDA that does well in bright sunlight heck my $3k laptop doesn't do well. Gotta love a dell.

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