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    has anyone tried playing MP3s while in Blazer actively downloading? Any sound deterioration?
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    No degredation here, mine works fine.
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    I've been running mp3's on my Treo 600 for the past 45 minutes (and while writing this post). So far the mp3 player has performed flawlessly.
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    That is kewl!!! Hoping to get mine soon.
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    You can also listen to mp3's while checking mail and HotSyncing. PTunes has been great so far, you can assign a hotkey so that when you press it in any app outside of PTunes (while an mp3 is playing) it will pop up a control panel. Very cool. Thought the last feature doesn't work in Blazer.

    I don't listen to mp3's much but this is the best mp3 player I've heard (better than my MPIO DMG player)...

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