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    On my Treo 300 I used an application called Backdrop GC.
    ( It's an app that allows a wallpaper
    image, of your choice, that can stay in the background while
    you run/use other applications. Similar to real PC windows
    desktop wallpaper. On my Treo 600 when I fire up Backdrop GC
    it fails with...
    Backdrop GC only
    supports color devices
    with a screen size of
    160x 160.

    So, I wooda' thought I was OK in that department

    I was running v. 2.05 on the Treo300 and that's the one
    available at the web site.

    I haven't contacted the developers' yet. Thought someone
    out here may know?.

    Thanks' for your time.
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    When I synched to the T600 for the first time, porting my t300 software, Backdrop was listed as a program with known problems for OS5, so I didn't install it.

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