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    Anyone using TreoMail on the T600. I use this and my subscription doesn't end until the end of december. Will I be able to use TreoMail on my T600 until I then?
    Jake Pratt
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    sorry if this is in the wrong thread, I'm a newbie....

    but is there any way to sort mail on the treo, as in Outlook? I don't think I can handle just receiving all my mail on the treo to one folder.......


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    Jake Pratt,

    My TreoMail did not come up on my Treo 600 when I HotSync'd. I am upgrading from a Treo 300.

    How did you get TreoMail to install and work on your Treo 600?

    Please feel free to send the reply outside of TreoCentral at as not to clog up the heavily posted Treo 600 Family.

    I really was used to TreoMail and would appreciate any input you could offer.

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    Sorry, re-reading my post it wasn't clear. I don't have't Treo 600 yet, I am wanting to know if TreoMail will work on it when it get's here.

    It is a pretty sad situation if you can't use TREOMail on a Treo.
    Jake Pratt

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