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    hello everybody,

    I've decided to buy a Treo 600 in a few months but before i need
    to clarify some points.

    1/ I've heard on internet a few peoples i've buy T600
    recently with a speaker/microphone problems

    What do you think about that , i've you buy without problem ?
    What's problem i've you see on it ?

    2/ the only bad point for me it's the battery not interchangeable
    i'm technician, can i change battery in a few years ?
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    My Treo 600 seems just fine. No snap, crackle or pop in the speakers, headphones etc. Screen it not out of alignment, the design has to allow for the lights to go somewhere.

    I would buy and get in early, I don't see any huge discounts other than what you are seeing now.
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    same here. no problems with speakers
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