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    Anyone have any ideas on why I keep getting random news & weather messages from

    I never signed up for anything and can't figure out how to make them stop.

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    How long have you had your current phone number? In order to activate MSN Alerts a test alert with an activation code is sent to the device to verify the user is making the request. The most frequent cause of alerts showing up on a mobile device is secondary to a new customer taking a pre-existing phone number with the alerts already in place.

    Now if this is your case unfortunately it is very difficult to fix because MSN has no live customer support. You are among many with this problem and I am sure MSN is working ona way to fix it. You may have to change your phone number in the interim (if it is a new # it prob would not matter much to you anyway.)

    Hope this helps...
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    If this is a new phone # then you probably got someone's old #. Come to think of it, that sucks. I have a lot of alerts sent to my number. If I cancel my account and they reissue my #, then I can see this happening to the new customer. I would get the # changed if I were you. Good luck.

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