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    Ok, after leaving the phone on the charger overnight for provisioning, I woke up to the same "Please Wait" screen I had last night. Called Sprint, they said it should be done by now (13 hours since the start of provisioning), and to reset the phone. Voice works, great!!! For data, when I go to Web, I say yes to the setup dialog and I'm on a blank phone updater screen. I assume it's provisioning, but there's no activity on the screen. (On the 300, there was the little Flip). Is something happening here, or am I just wasting my time?
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    Call Customer serivce and ask for the Vision help area. They will have to reprovision the phone. It's the easiest way to go about this. They screwed up my activaiton initally, and they re-provisioned me, and everything was hunkey dorey.
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    Thanks, I'll give them a call.
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    I swap my # from my 300 to 600 and I was told "wait 2 to 4 hours for calls and 5 to 8 for vision" I was using both within about 30 mins.
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    Reading stories from everyone here and on, it seems like I'm the only one that has had to wait so long for provisioning. Even with my 300, it took THREE DAYS to get data enabled (end of October 02). Data still doesn't work on my new 600. I'm not as bothered by it, because there's so much to do, with updating apps for OS5, and finding new apps, trying out the camera, MP3s, reading these boards.
    The techs in the Sprint Store in Flushing told me that the phone is too new for them to work with (they don't have provisioning info on the 600), and to "get out of here before we decide to not return your 'future phone' to you." They were extremely courteous, though, and suggested that I try the main service center in NYC.
    I'll do that Monday morning.
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    Here is a tip, log onto from your PC. Look at the username at the top of the page. it should match what is in your treo under preferences --->network.

    When I changed phones, they incremented my username by one (was and became lastname02. They had already provisionsed my old username into the phone. I figured this out myself while on my 3rd call to Sprint. When I did get the Vision specialist, he got it figured out right away.

    This especially seems to be an issue if you have added a new line of service to an existing account.

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