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    I've been trying to decide whether to stay with SPCS or switch to one of the other carriers when the other version of the 600 comes out. My one-year contract with them expires on Dec. 2.

    So far I haven't found anyone at Sprint PCS willing to make any kind of offer of service credits or anything to keep me. They seem to be hung up on equipment discounts, but I'm not buying the phone from them.

    Ideas? Am I going about it the wrong way?
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    Some posts have pointed towards the 15th as the date that existing customers can start to get new customer discounts for renewing. We'll see what happens.
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    All I got for extending one year was the activation fee waived and nights starting at 8:00 PM instead of 9. Everything else stayed the same, even my old $10 unlimited vision plan.
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    I checked out a T600 at my local Sprint store last night and they told me that they would give me the same incentives as a new customer (i.e. $100/1 year or $150/2 years)
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    I got to keep my plan ( 2000 min ) nights and PCS to PCS.....took 50 bucks off bill............another 50 off for buying the phone (t600)..and get to keep same $10 unlimited Visions......that brings the price of the phone down to 299....YES!!!!


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