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    Anyone know if a holster is in the works?? I kinda like the horizontal case at the mobileplanet link above, but I heard it's too big.
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    I bought the horizontal case direct from Handspring, but it was $29.99!!!!!! WAH!!!! Not worth returning it though, cuz of shipping cost.

    That being said (whined), I DO like the horizontal case. My (ahem) side does not knock it off my waist, and the phone is easily accessible. The notch for the antenna forces you to place the machine in correctly, so the screen is away from the snap side. The only thing missing is a hole for the headphone jack. I am debating whether to create one, or leave it alone for now.

    BTW, the Jabra freespeak for NON_NOKIA, NON BLUETOOTH phones works well with the t600. I still hope they will work out the drivers so we can use the Bluetooth SDIO card.
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    Originally posted by bbdwebz
    According to the '***** Eye for the Straight Guy' guys, phones do not belong on the hip. Fashion no-no. So the lack of a clip is no biggie for me.

    One of the very few shows on TV worth watching. If they say it's a no no, that's good enough for me!
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    Originally posted by stingrey
    ... First of all, I notice you are in San Antonio as well... Where'd you get your 600? ...
    I was in San Antonio last Thursday and stopped by the Sprint Store in the Quarry. They had 2. That was last week though. I just happened to ask the right person about it, they had just gotten them in.
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    The case is my only complaint about the 600. If there mission was to ship a case for the purpose of carrying it in your pocket, than they dropped the ball. This case is almost identical to the case the apple ipod ships with (which I am now using to carry my 600 on my belt.)

    It is way too padded and useless to carry in your pocket. They should have simply used a thinner-walled yet stiffer case like the ipod.
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