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    What happened to the email program that was supposed to come with the Treo 600? Was that only for the GSM version? If so, any suggestions on which one I should use for the Sprint version?
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    I'm quite a fan of SnapperMail. At least on the T300. Had Eudora for awhile (which is free) but Snapper is far superior. Believe it costs about $20. (
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    This maybe what you are looking for:
    Coming 10-13
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    Yes, I downloaded Snapper Mail yesterday. easy to use. I like it.
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    No offense Intysoft, but if "Message Express" is your product, you may want to consider lowering the price if you want it to sell. Snappermail is only a one-time fee of $45, and the latest version even supports the 5-way pad. Is there some added functionality of your product (if it is your product) that makes it worth the extra money? I looked at the web-site you reference, but I didn't see anything beyond what Snappermail does...
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    No it is not my product, just posting information on the product.
    It is the replacement that Handspring said was going to be available on the Treo600. It is from a company called Visto.
    It is the replacement to the Treo Mail program which was available on the Treo for 49.99 annually.
    Yes I agree it doesnt do anything, from what I can see, that Snapper Mail does not do. Guess we will find out Monday.
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    great e mail=snapper mail (1.8.4 version for treo 600 available)

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