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    I'm interested to know if anyone could provide information on any types of SD/SDIO/MMC cards for the Treo 600.

    Keep in mind that not all cards will work with Palm OS 5 so please don't just post any old card you may be familiar with. Please only post that with which you are intimately (not that way pervert) familiar.

    Please include all information you can think of such as price, where to buy, pluses or minuses, compatability with other devices, and any other pertinent info.

    The Geeks of the World thank you.
    Remember: You're a geek, normal people don't think like you!
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    I am using a SanDisk 512 MB SD card.

    Working great so far!

    Love hearing good quality MP3s from my Treo!

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    There is a lot of info regarding this subject in the Accessories forum including speed tests on several disks.
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    I'm using a 64MB Lexar that my wife was using in her Tungsten C and we've had no trouble on either.

    I am actively looking for a 256MB+wifi for at home sync and browsing, but even better would be Bluetooth,+wifi+256MB.


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