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    Since we have an indeterminate wait for the native Palm app for PCS Business Connection, I accessed my personal business connection via the web (blazer) as suggested. Worked fine except that I could not download any attachments. The attachments were listed with each Email but linked to unlinkable listings of attachment files names, that's all.

    I have full version of Documents to Go, made no difference. Documents to Go read a downloaded word file without problems straight from the web (not from personal business connection).

    I am new to Palm World. Which is best, Documents to Go or Quick Office?
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    Sorry, when you say you accessed "via the Web", do you mean Blazer? The reason I ask is that Biz Conn also provides access via a *PC* web browser....

    If you're talking about Blazer, then yes, the current version still doesn't allow access to email attachments.

    The good news is, they tell us that in the next couple of weeks the new version will be available, and supposedly that will have support for attachments (on the Biz Conn client, and Blazer too I think)

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