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    So the website says that IMAP support is "coming soon". But my business just switched from POP to IMAP, and I used to use my Treo to check my mail constantly while on the road. Snappermail, in my opinion, has the absolute best interface, and I'd hate to have to leave it for a mail client that already supports IMAP. Anybody know how soon this might be added? And has anyone seen or heard of a version of Snappermail that support the new 5-way button?
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    the latest version should support the dial pad.

    i dont think imap is anytime soon, but then again SnapperFish doesn't discuss future plans.
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    It's my understanding that Snappermail has been upgraded to support the T600. A search on this forum should provide more info.

    Concerning IMAP - I agree it's a vital feature. You might find that your company's IMAP servers can ALSO be accessed via POP3. I have two IMAP accounts and both can be accessed using Snappermail in that manner. Obvious there's still some Synchronising work to do later, but at least I can read and reply.
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    I agree, and have been waiting for Imap support for a very long time, and will return to snappermail when it arrives, however for now I use Versamail for Palm and have been happy enough with it to pay the 34.99 they charge.
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