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    I've seen a beta of McPhling that is nearing release. It is now 5-way compatible, so with a couple of presses/holds of the 5-way, you can launch your favorite programs. Mike McCollister wants to get it out this week, I believe.
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    With respect to your last paragraph, unless I misunderstood, I believe that functionality is already present in the T600.

    Go to Prefereces/Buttons/ and you'll see the opportunity to program Option plus the three permanent buttons for additional applications. The fourth is reserved for Keyguard (Option + Power.)

    And of course, the Favorites menu lets you program speed dials, applications, web links and messages.
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    And given the built-in features dcurrie just described, I am still curious the answer to JakeE's question...

    How many apps are you commonly using and how is it that you'd like to launch them (as opposed to the built-in mechanisms)??
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    Hey everyone,

    I have been using Zlauncher for about 3 weeks now and just wanted to report that it works marvelously with the Treo 600, and that it does support the 5-way nav... only difference is that you use the left/right keys to switch between tabs and then hit the center button in order to enter the app window to select/launch and app, or press left again to move back to to tab navigation......

    Haven't had any problems with it, unfortunately, I haven't been able to find ANY good skins for Zlauncher bar for the built in one (all others are for larger screens/hi res).... anyone know of good places to find some (treo 600 specifically) would be much appreciated.....
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    I've also talked with the Launcher X guys and they say the update for the 5 way is coming real soon. I've used Launcher III for many years and loved it. That was the best way to go for the longest time.

    There was also a little bit of info on LX here:

    Launcher X discussion board:

    I hope this helps!!!
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    LauncherX's web site claims - "t supports jog dials, 5-way pads and even the new Treo 600 navigator. "

    Perhaps this is new. I downloaded it to try tomorrow.
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