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    So there is a SD I/O when will there be a wi-fi add on device? Once available this becomes the killer unit. Any thoughts about wi-fi. I know there is a company that does cads for PPC side but I do not know of one for Palm OS.
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    There are two in development for Palm OS 5.x devices:

    Sandisk SDIO wifi card
    Hagiwara SD wifi card

    Sandisk is also working on a combo wifi+256 MB SD card for release as well. Also, the Hagiwara card will supposedly be compatible with OS 4.1 devices. Hagiwara is also developing MS versions as well...
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    Anyone else interested in having wi-fi capability for the 600? I don't know of any phone out the box that has wi-fi. GPRS yes....Bluetooth yes....Wi-Fi plus GPRS will be a powerful tool.
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    I think a lot of people are interested in wi-fi with a phone. I suspect the reason you haven't seen it is two-fold.

    1. The costs of wi-fi are still pretty high. It's not like adding a $3 camera or an mp3 player. Some of wi-fi sleds go for $150 I think. So add that to the Treo and it is now targetting a customer who wants to spend $750 on a phone. That's not the price point a lot of makers can count for volume.

    2. Battery consumption. Wi-fi is particularly power hungry from what I've heard. Given that and the phone, bright color screen, mp3 playback, etc. and it would be tough to get anything that lasts for very long.

    Wi-fi will be coming. The Treo 600 should be selling for around $300-$400 in a year to 18 months meaning that they could come out with a Treo 900 for the $599 price point with things like wi-fi. They are also getting better and better about making a battery go further or the chipsets to use less juice.

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