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    Originally posted by hova
    hey sgruby

    I noticed that the ringtones on the treo 600 are not as loud as they were on the treo 300. Will the New TC ringer for the treo 600 be as loud as they were on the treo 300? Are they not loud because they are Midi files?

    The reason I ask is because as it is I can't hear my phone when I'm not around my phone.
    TC Ringer does not touch the volume of the ringers (either on the Treo 300 or Treo 600). You'll need to get ringers that are louder.
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    TC-Ringer worked perfect on my Treo 300 and now that I have the Treo 600 it works fine.
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    "Does the Treo 600 allow you to assign PICTURES to ALL your contacts or ONLY the Speed dial ones?

    If you want to assign to anyone, do you need a third party app, and which one will work???"

    Was this question ever answered???
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