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    My 600 seems to work fine but I am getting soft reset in 2 scenarios. 1.) Right after it sends a pic to someone it soft resets, or the instant I select a person from my contacts list to try and send them an SMS even though the service isn't up yet ir resets. I have no 3rd party apps on the treo yet so it isn't a hack issue.

    I had the same issue before but I couldn't even select a contact to send a picture to so I did a hard reset and switched from using Chapura to Intellisync as my hot sync manager so I could manage all my info from Palm Desktop and just grab my corporate calendar from Outlook. Atleast this got my contacts back to the point where I could select them to send pics to.

    So somehow, something is happening where my treo and my contacts folder isn't playing nice......Another point to verify this is if i type in a persons phone # in my contact sheet in the to field, it will automaitcally fill in their name and I can say send and it will try and deliver the message. But if I try and select their name through the lookup contact the reset happens.

    Any ideas....buggy 600, should I get a new one, Sync differentl?y

    I'm also using the Palm Desktop off the included CD.......
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    I got soft reset today on trying to add a contract from the call log to my address book.....tried it a second time and it worked.

    I also get a soft rest when I try to play something on "Audible" player.
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    So I'm not the ponly one getting soft resets. DId a search and saw some other people also get soft resets but they seemed to be running lots o hacks......... I scoured the web and didn't see anything else like my problem so I can only assume it's a hardware issue and I'll need to swap it out at a sprint store or through handspring..............
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    Did some more testing....... I hard reset the device and added a couple contacts manuall y via the QWERTY. When I do it this way I can use lookup in SMS or Pictures and I never got any soft reset. So if I sync with my pc...regardless of wether I use Chapura to Outlook Contacts or Intellisync to Palm Desktop for my contacts something gets corrupted on the transit and my 600 doesn't then seem to like my contacts.....So now I have no clue as to if this is a 600 hardware issue.....Palm OS5.2 issue......ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I too am frustrated by the constant resets of the Treo 600.

    I had some exposure to a pre-production GSM unit a month or so ago. This one would reset when closing any third party applications.

    The "production" Sprint model I received yesterday is doing the same thing, but is not consistent in the behavior. It seems like everyone else has the same issue.

    I am trying to determine a pattern on the resets, but there really is none.

    Another issue I see is that the device will freeze on some third party applications.

    Frustrating experience so far - I want this device to work! I think they finally got the design right :-)
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    I was getting the soft resets as well. I did a hard reset and cleaned out my backup folder and installed apps manually. So far so good. No more soft resets and it's been about a day and a half.
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    Treotrim --- I think that may be the key. After the hard reset I don't get the issue. But I also haven't resyncd to get all that default crap it installs. I'm a go through and axe out any and all non essential stuff and see if it still happens. Hoping one of these dumb apps like that grocery program is causing this.....will post the results once i test...
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    I "think" I foind the issue. I re-sync and the issue doesn't happen. But if I try and use SMS the first time I get the nice error saying it isn't available. The next time I try and go back and send another SMS message it immead soft resets when I select the contact. So it appears when the SMS errors out it corrupts my contacts list. Sometimes to the point where the contact lookup function for pictures doesn't work. I've reporoduced it several times...........not sure what it means but atleast I know a failed SMS message seems to corrupt my contact book and only a hard reset fixes the problem.

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