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    Well, the latest info on Tmobile Treos not being available until the end of November(maybe at best) is disconcerting. This news was received as my Treo 270 mysteriously cut off 'yet again' during a phone call today. Clearly the 270 has some issues and that is why a 600 is so attractive to me. But waiting another month at the least, who knows at the most, is not pleasing.

    So, hello Sprint! Just placed my order with HS. Been told by HS that there is a week delay since the demand is killer they say, but I know I should get a unit before my trusty Tmobile internet reps(mohammed and company) get theirs. Don't get me wrong, I love these reps and there responsiveness. But their hands are tied. Sprint has got the goods and, for me, that is a 'bird in the hand' versus one or two in the bush.

    I will still keep my order open with TMobile, but I bet Tmobile corporate doesn't get their act together before 2004. I saw this same thing happen with the treo 270 launch and its deja vu all over again with the Treo 600. While Tmobile had the 270 before Sprint's 300 arrived, they still advertised it's availability WAY too early and, after repeated delays, early adopters had to wait too long.

    In the case of Treo 600 - a major new product release in my view, it is inexcuseable for Sprint to have their network/software compatibility issues handled by launch time while Tmobile is still trying to find the power button. Pathetic.

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    i'm leaning this way my self.

    my gprs went out totally (after being intermitent for about a week).
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    Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

    I am an SPCS subscriber with the Treo 600 and it is a great device. But I think that T-Mobile has some very innnovative business practices and has a lot of potential as a company. I also have a T-Mobile account and have been comtemplating jumping ship over to T-Mobile completely.

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    I spoke with Handspring yesterday, about 2 weeks and they will be offering 600 on their site. I've had T-Moible, Sprint PCS, ATT, I would never go back to Sprint. I've had T-mobile for 2 years now, the best service I've ever had, it will be worth the wait.
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    I think you will be happy with sprint. I dropped sprint and went with t-mobile when the sidekick came out, after 3 months I went back to sprint because of the bad reception in the LA/OC area. This month my T-mobile contract finally runs out
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    No way, I will never go back to Sprint. I'm not that unhappy with my 270, would rather stick with that then go back to the horrible service I had with them
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    If you're talking about customer service fine, they've got more issues than Jeffrey Dahmer, but if you're talking about network no way! Their the best hands down and with the new FIVE dollar roaming add-on (Use your minutes anywhere) the 800mhz band with verizon is looking pretty awesome. Sprint CS sucks (but is getting better) but their network rocks!
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    I am talking about their network and their customer service. Maybe the service where you live is better, where I am it is awful, my whole company switched because of bad service, drop calls all the time. Then when you reported the problem, they would never get back to you. Sorry I have awsome service with T-mobile, would never go back to Sprint.
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    why not just wait two weeks and buy an unlocked phine from handspring
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    As soon as it is available on t-mobile I will get a 600, until then I will stick with what I have.
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    i have a verizon phone and tmobile. never has sprint before. basically I think they are all the same in terms of service. I do not dislike tmobile at all, but they do over promise and underdeliver. my main concern is the diff between CDMA and GSM. I should get my sprint phone and test it for 30 days. hopefully I will also receive my tmobile order within this period to test.

    May the better phone win!!!! I plan(if this works out like I envision) to post a detailed comparison from my perspective. looking forward to it.....
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    What is the cheapest monthly plan you can have with unlimited data? How many voice minutes and do you pay for sms?
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    on sprint that is
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    I called Sprint and the rep said they no longer offer a "Data Only- flat fee" plan.

    They only offer a $$ per KB plan- you're better off getting a voice plan combined with unlimited PCS vision.
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    How much for the smallest voice plan plus data
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    sprint does not have sms, btw...
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    Hi, I have only be with sprint and a treo for about 3/4 of a year and I am very, very happy. I know there has been a lot of bashing of sprint, but to me, they have been kind, polite and caring. If they did not know something they were very fast to look into it and get back to me asap!

    I have had cel serive with a number of other carriers over the years, due to having moved a few times, so far I have been with celluarone in NE PA, AT&T in so and central fla, Cingular/bell south mobility in fla and now sprint here in central fla.

    I have had the worse service from at & t including billing errors of $1000's of dollars, phones that were not working as they forgot to provision them, inactive #'s etc. Considering they were the only phone co at one time, it is hard to beleive how disorganised they are.

    In fact Spritn PCS is far more organized and more informed than sprint local. Where i live was never part of the bell system and it was GT &E. They never got it right at sprint local inclduing miswiring my house and cross conecting my three phone lines, so that noe of them worked when i moved in. The coutcome was that i had to fix the wiring. But sprint pcs has been great! take care, jay
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    Cheapest Voice/Data plan from Sprint is

    $50 - Includes PCS vision, 300 anytime minutes, Unlimited Night/Wknd.
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    Originally posted by Florentine
    No way, I will never go back to Sprint. I'm not that unhappy with my 270, would rather stick with that then go back to the horrible service I had with them

    What was your experience with Sprint that makes you dislike them?

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    I've been with many Cellular companies and as far as customer service goes: they all suck!
    I've been with US Cellular, Nextel, T-mobile, AT&T, Cingular and most recently with Sprint, not to mention I either work with or are frineds with people who have other carriers and basically customer service is all the same. I even know someone who is with Verizon Wireless and she tells me all the cs reps switch companies constantly.
    I have been with Sprint for just over a year and have had only a couple dropped calls but that is to be expected with a "cellular" phone. I think the only time I've had to call cs is when I've swapped phones. I don't ever have a need to call them. IMHO, it seems that Sprint is usually first with and ahead of other companies with the technology. I know that Sprint had some problems about 5 years ago but my service has been good.
    Most people I've found out that bash Sprint are going on what they've "heard" and not actual experience.
    My wife was with Cingular and had 2 months to go on her 2 year contract and I wanted to add 2 more lines to the plan and was told I would have to wait to the end of the contract. I told them I would be willing to sign another contract and was told, NO! What kind of crap was that?
    I work with a guy who has T-mobile and sometimes he has to use mine because he doesn't have service with his. So much for Sprint sucking.
    For me in my area, my service is great, I have some almost dead spots but that is to be expected with cellular service.
    If you don't want dropped calls, dead spots and everything else that goes with cellular, buy a landline phone!
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