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    I've been with many Cellular companies and as far as customer service goes: they all suck!
    I've been with US Cellular, Nextel, T-mobile, AT&T, Cingular and most recently with Sprint, not to mention I either work with or are frineds with people who have other carriers and basically customer service is all the same. I even know someone who is with Verizon Wireless and she tells me all the cs reps switch companies constantly.
    I have been with Sprint for just over a year and have had only a couple dropped calls but that is to be expected with a "cellular" phone. I think the only time I've had to call cs is when I've swapped phones. I don't ever have a need to call them. IMHO, it seems that Sprint is usually first with and ahead of other companies with the technology. I know that Sprint had some problems about 5 years ago but my service has been good.
    Most people I've found out that bash Sprint are going on what they've "heard" and not actual experience.
    My wife was with Cingular and had 2 months to go on her 2 year contract and I wanted to add 2 more lines to the plan and was told I would have to wait to the end of the contract. I told them I would be willing to sign another contract and was told, NO! What kind of crap was that?
    I work with a guy who has T-mobile and sometimes he has to use mine because he doesn't have service with his. So much for Sprint sucking.
    For me in my area, my service is great, I have some almost dead spots but that is to be expected with cellular service.
    If you don't want dropped calls, dead spots and everything else that goes with cellular, buy a landline phone!
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    Originally posted by DrDoom
    If you're talking about customer service fine, they've got more issues than Jeffrey Dahmer, but if you're talking about network no way! Their the best hands down and with the new FIVE dollar roaming add-on (Use your minutes anywhere) the 800mhz band with verizon is looking pretty awesome. Sprint CS sucks (but is getting better) but their network rocks!
    try taking that phone out the of the USA
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    I'm willing to wait for the T-Mobile phone. They've got the best pricing I've seen (unlimted data for $20 per month) and GSM is the way to go for me.
    What does this button do?
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