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    Originally posted by sleepysurf
    I REALLY need graffiti (for shortcuts, special characters), and installed Graffiti Anywhere, which is PARTIALLY working. After installing, you need to "Activate" it, and choose the activation method. I selected "Short Press Toggles" using "Hard Button 1". In most apps, I can activate GA, and the strokes appear on the screen. HOWEVER, the characters are NOT being recognized properly. I think there may be some conflict with Graffiti 2, but will keep trying. If anybody has had success, let us know. As a Palm user since the original PalmPilot, I think this is the worst oversight by Handspring in the Treo 600 design. I sure hope they'll fix this omission PRONTO!!
    I mentioned this before in this thread but are you using Graffiti I or Graffiti II strokes to write? They're different you know.
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    Tried both... no luck.
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    I never used grafitti and didn't care to learn it either. But why is there a "Old Grafitti 2 Lib" file listed in the info section that takes 228k if we don't have GF2?
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