I doubt anyone an answer this, but I thought I'd give it a shot...

One of the accessories for the 600 is a foldout keyboard. Has anybody ordered this? If so, have you received it, and if not, did they give you any estimated delivery time?

The reason I ask is that I MUST have a fold out keyboard for taking notes in meetings. Currently, I use the Pocketop IR, which has a little known, poorly documented feature that I have become highly dependant on:

If you press the right shift key twice, it brings up a mouse cursor. That's right a MOUSE CURSOR! The only keys that work in this mode are the arrow keys and the enter key for a simulated click. You then move the cursor, click, and then press the right shift key twice to return to the normal typing mode.

This feature is a fantastic way to operate the device without ever using the stylus. Granted, you don't need the stylus very much on the 600, but somethings can't be done any other way. A good example would be changing the formatting for a paragraph in Quickword. Also, by leaving my hands on the keyboard, I find that I don't have to break the fluidity of my thoughts, or my typing. I stay "in the zone," if you will.

Does anybody know if this or a similar feature will make its way into the Treo keyboard? Or is it in the newly released Palm wireless keyboard that is compatible with OS 5? This is really the only thing keeping me from upgrading at this point, since most of my other reservations have been addressed.

If not, I guess I'll just wait for the fall for the OS 5 Pocketop drivers to upgrade...