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    If so, is there a way to turn off the backlight rather than dim it?
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    It appears not. Perhaps someone will write us a nice app to do this? This is the only real grip I have so far since getting it.
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    Everyone wows how bright 600's screen is. If it is reflective, it does not need to be too bright to be readable outdoor and backlight can be shut off outdoor saving battery.

    600 is a bleeding edge technology; why it does not have a reflective screen while almost all PocketPCs have one?
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    Good point when it comes to being outside. But when you are on the phone you really don't need the display on either. So I guess the question is can you turn off the display like you would with say Pocket tunes.
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    Originally posted by AngryCPA
    If so, is there a way to turn off the backlight rather than dim it?
    Hey, have any of you guys tried AutoDimmer or Energy Dimmer on the Treo600? I would be very curious to know if these work on the Treo600 and if they have any appreciable effect on increasing battery longevity...
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    According to the Handspring guys I spoke to, the Treo 600 has a special power saving mode.

    This means it will turn off the digitizer off when the screen is off and is still able to backgound tasks such as playing mp3s.

    This is to maximise battery life.

    I think applications have to be written specifically to use this mode though.
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    Why can't we just turn the screen off during a call or something while the app is running, like the phone.

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