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    Using the mmplayer beta whenever I hit play it restarts my Treo. The Kimora one appears to require a special extension to use. Finally, I can't get real one installed, it gives me an error when starting saying a necessary file is not installed.

    Anyone having luck?
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    Had the same issue. MMPlayer is probably not currently compatible with the T600. We all should probably email the developer and let him know. It would definately be a killer ap on the Treo.
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    Does anything work, I've heard people have watched videos on their treo600's?
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    I was able to get mmplayer to work, however the video was split in half could have been the videos, they were mpgs 320x400 i think
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    Which version of mmplayer, they have a very expermimental one and a normal beta.
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    Kinoma works great... I've already have about 100megs of movies clips on my expansion card...
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    How do you get Kimora to see avi's or mpg's on your card?
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    Could be wrong but I believe it doesn't read AVI or MPEG; it needs it's own format. SO there is a piece of the app, on the PC side that converts to the Kinoma format, whatever it is.
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    I hate to reply to myself but I just checked the Kinoma website and yes, you first need to use Kinoma producer to make a kinoma file from your AVI, etc.
    Since people have problems with my Einstein quotes, I will now quote my true hero: Homer Simpson.

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    you use kinoma producer to convert your mpeg 4, avi, etc to a palm PDB file, which can be read by the Player on the phone. I have had mixed success. Some of the videos Ive played have caused the 600 to lockup and loop, requiring a reset.

    Others seem to play fine. The less you mess with it while it's playing, the less of a problem you seem to have.

    Kinoma emailed me this week, and will have native support for the 600 on their next full release.
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    is this next full release the kinoma 2 that just came out? i'm kind of confused as to weather to get kinoma or mmplayer - any opinions???
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    I got the mmplayer to play the T3 trailer clip no problem. I haven't been able to convert any of my movies with virtualdub as they suggest, but I have gotten Dr. Divx to work.

    As far as the Kinoma conversion step goes I don't think it's a detraction because you really have to convert what you are watching to fit a 160 x 160 screen anyway. I don't generally keep my movies in that resolution, and I doubt anyone does. Whether I use something like VirtualDub to make it a Divx clip or if I make it a Kinoma clip through their software, I suppose I don't overly care. And in general I'm a huge standards based guy.
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    I've found that Kinoma movies are great for distracting toddlers during a car trip.
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    ha! so how big do these movies get?
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    So this player is free and can play any length movie I can fit on my SD card?
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    Originally posted by treoZilla
    ha! so how big do these movies get?
    The 2.5 year-old girl in question was amused by the "Finding Nemo" trailer (4.5MB) played in repeat mode for almost half an hour. The adults in the car were less ethusiastic, though.

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