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    Originally posted by confusedvorlon
    I'm finding that only the top half of the screen works for graffiti anywhere. Is that normal?
    That's the way it worked on my Clie TG50.
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    Graffiti 2 had me confused for a while when using Newpen. The upstroke that in Graffiti 1 controlled caps lock now switches into punctuation mode, from which you don't exit until you do another upstroke.

    When I first got into punctuation mode accidentally it appeared that Newpen was not recognising my letter strokes, whilst in fact it was waiting for the second upstroke.

    The quite substancial differences between Graffiti and Graffiti 2 are more than a little annoying...
    Palm Vx -> Palm M505 -> Treo 180g -> Treo 600 (UK GSMrevA)
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    Originally posted by k.m

    did anyone try to set the Treo 600 back to Graffiti 1 (in combination with newpen) as it works with the tungsten t2

    Here's a How-To for the Tungsten T2:

    Thank you,

    It works for me.
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    I'm going to try Jot as I bought and used it extensively on my 300. I consider myself extremely fast with Graffitti, using the keyboard would be such a bottleneck for me. The keyboard on the 600 is unwieldy to me and I have small hands.....and fingers too.

    So, the Graffitti mode doesn't work on the 600? That's a bummer. Jot's "strokes" are better than being stuck with this wee tiny keyboard.
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    So i put graffiti 1 on my treo (following the instructions here and also installed graffiti anywhere, and it works flawlessly. Prior to installing the original graffiti, graffiti anywhere was NOT working reliably, and the strokes would echo on the screen but not get recognized. After installing the original graffiti library, i am not having any trouble. The only downside is now the keyboard help menu option (and /G shortcut) now maps to help for the original graffiti (as if i needed that)!

    Incidentally, can someone look at their T600 keyboard help and find out how to input a [tab] character for me?
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    Originally posted by sbono13
    Incidentally, can someone look at their T600 keyboard help and find out how to input a [tab] character for me?
    Shift Space
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    this worked for me and I can finally write k's and i's again.
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    I used CIC RecoEcho Plus for Palm OS on my Treo 300, and seems to be working fine on the 600. You can get it for $10 on Handango.

    (10/24: nevermind - turns out RecoEcho+ isn't working on my 600. It installed fine, but it's not recognizing any handwriting on the screen. Sorry for the mistake!)
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    I had Reco Echo on my Treo 300 (it came free) and when I synced my T600 for the first time, it "restored" Reco Echo on my T600.
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    The application that enabled Grafitti on the main screen which Handspring gave out for free with the old Treos was called RecoEcho. It used to be avilable on their site, but I noticed that it no longer is. It is still available at There is a 5 day free trial. I have no idea if it will work with he Treo 600 since i am STILL WAITING for the GSM version.

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    Am I the only one that cannot get NewPen to work? I consider myself a fairly bright guy, but I cannot get this to work at all! Please help.
    "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer."
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    I wasn't able to get Graffitti to work and my Jot 1.0 wouldn't either.

    So, I went to CIC's web site to upgrade Jot. The site isn't functioning properly when you attempt to obtain the upgrades. For now I am using Jot 2.x Demo until CIC gets back in touch with me about my update.

    Graffitti mode doesn't work on the 600...argh! I'll have to get used to Jot.

    I'm very happy with the 600, now I want to get the SD card so I can play some MP3's.

    This board has been very helpful. Thanks for all the great information that you all have shared.

    Looking forward to reading some more great posts!

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    So I used the link to get grafitti 1.0 on my treo 600. Ummm, I have a Visor Edge and it doesn't have those files on it.

    Does anyone know where I could get a copy of teh Grafitti 1.0 files? I don't think that I am a fan of Grafitti 2.0. It confuses my simple brain....

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    Originally posted by BrianArmer
    I used CIC RecoEcho Plus for Palm OS on my Treo 300, and seems to be working fine on the 600. You can get it for $10 on Handango.
    I have RecoEcho plus also but can't get it to work on my T600 are there other files that you need besides the RecoEcho PRC file?
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    Hmm, I must have been out of my mind before. I just tried it again and RecoEcho+ is not working on my 600. It installs w/o a problem, but trying to write on the screen for memos or to-do lists does not show up as text. Sorry! I'll go edit my original post.
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    Every once in a while newpen just stops working on my T600. It recognizes and traces strokes, but there's no output. The only solution I've come across so far is to do a soft reset.

    Also, I've *never* been able to get it to recognize an "i". I Even thought it wasn't handling Graffiti 2, but I guess it is.

    So what really DOES work other than getting the files from an old Palm device?
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    There is a little box on the lower right hand side of the screen you need to tap to make New Pen work.

    New Pen does not work in Doc To Go for me...Anyone else have this issue?
    I think I will try Jot or the Grafitti 1 trick.
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    I'm curious is there is some other way to get your hands on the files needed for original Grafitti as well? I've used FileZ on three different handheld units I have here and none of the have the metioned files:

    Graffiti Library.prc, size: 30k, creator: grft
    Graffiti Library_enUS.prc, size 22k, creator: grft

    I really would love to use original Graffiti in conjunction with Grafitti Anywhere as this is the setup I had on my 300 and it was great!

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    I would like to get my hands on Graffitti 1 also - the files aren't on the 300 and I am not too fond of Graffitti 2...
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    look here..
    Link to thread about Graffiti1 on the T600
    Regards,Matt Burkhard
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